P-GMOD-2 Vintage Prewired Assembly Strat 5 Way

P-GMOD-2 Vintage Series Prewired Assembly Strat 5 Way

MOD Prewired Assemblies are very easy to install. Each MOD prewired assembly has a treble bleed volume pot mod, which helps to retain clarity when you roll back on your volume knob and adds life to your pickups. Used to upgrade your existing guitar electronics and speed up the installation process, MOD prewired assemblies use high quality parts and components to enhance your overall tone and playing experience. Clearly illustrated wiring diagrams are included with each assembly.


Kit Includes:

3 CTS 250KA Split Shaft Potentiometers

Vintage Fender style 5 way Switch

Switchcraft Mono Input Jack

SB Electronics 716P High Performance Orange Drop Tone Cap 22nf at 400 Volts

 Volume Control Treble Bleed Mod

Wiring Diagram

Link for Wiring Diagram


P-GMOD-2 Vintage Prewired Assembly Strat 5 Way
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  • Item #: P-GMOD-2 Strat 5 way
  • Manufacturer: MOD Kits
  • Condition: New
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